Council Handover 2017

College Life, Core Council 2017

by Aniket Naik


The eve of 9th March, 2017 marked a fresh beginning for the Student Council. On this day, the previous council, headed by Lee Sue Hong, passed down the torch to their respective successors. The event was attended by Dr Antony Sylvan D’Souza and Dr Rajgopal Shenoy, Associate Deans of the college; the ex-council, the new council, and the members of each committee.

The event, hosted by Annapoorna from 4th Semester, began with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony followed by a ceremony to invoke the blessings of God Ganesha. Dr Antony was then invited to say a few words to the new council before administering the oath to them.  

The new President, Pranav Rajshekhar, then addressed the gathering, laying out his plans for the future and unveiling his trump card, ‘Fest X’. He was followed by the two Vice-Presidents, Kartikeya Atrey (VP-administration) and S. Poojitha (VP-programming) who promised to ensure smooth communication between the student body and the college administration.

The Joint Secretary, Shreya Sivaramkumar, vowed to streamline the process for attendance claims so as to make them less of a headache for the students. The heads of the various committees were then invited to come up and introduce the new members and their visions for the upcoming year.


Editor-in-Chief, Meghna Sivakumar, had the honor of starting; she spoke about the move from a printed publication to an online magazine and then introduced her committee. She was followed by the Finance Secretary, Divya Nair, who introduced her committee. The General Secretary, Anushka Nair, then took the stage and introduced the Class Representatives, the students who were responsible for communication between the student body and the council.

Next was Arundhati Wariar, the Judicial Secretary, who introduced her committee. The Fine Arts head, Sakshi Ramnani followed, with a promising speech on upcoming fests.

Lastly, but definitely not the least – as was made evident by loud cheers – there was a speech given by the Sports Secretary, Pranav Batra, and Joint Sports Secretary, Raghav Chawla.

The heads of the two auxiliary committees also spoke at the event after the Student Council was introduced. The Social Welfare Committee’s Spoorthi Shetty announced ‘Sportzquake’, an annual fundraiser, and the head of Student Research Forum, Saurish Reddy took the opportunity to inaugurate a new platform for ease in conducting research.

The event then drew to a close with the Vote of Thanks being delivered by Joint Secretary, Aditya Grama, followed by committee photographs and a delicious dinner.

Aniket Naik, more commonly known as Panda, is a writer for the Editorial Board and an avid daydreamer who lets his imagination run wild behind the closed doors of his mind. He can often be found either in his room or in the library playing Dota 2. Sometimes, you might find him actually socializing with people, if you’re lucky. Apart from that, he generally passes time by jotting plot points to stories which will never be written and surfing gaming channels on YouTube.

Photography by Sanket Mohanty, Shivangi Maheshwari, and Siddarth Pratapneni


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