by Aniket Naik


There once was a boy, with a soul untarnished
Whose spirit, with every tiny miracle, was ravished.
His big, large eyes sought every wonder
He knew naught that his innocence would be torn asunder.

He fell in love, with someone close to his heart,
But certain reasons, drew them afar,
His love unrequited, for he was scorned,
Left him with nothing but forlorn.

His naïve spirit couldn’t handle the pain,
From inside he began to slowly fade,
He tried to end it before it worsened,
But failed because his friends were determined.

He moved away and met new people,
Slowly recovering, yet still unstable,
But as history must repeat itself,
He found himself in a predicament yet again.

The problem was similar to the last,
But this time he had nobody to help him past,
For the ones he had trusted with his fragile soul,
Made plight of him or deserted him whole.

With nobody who would understand the boy,
He wondered if he was the lead in God’s ploy.
A good actor, he simply laughed and lied,
But only his pillow knew how much he cried.

Gone was the lad we knew at the start,
His eyes no longer held that spark,
His spirit was broken beyond repair,
He was nothing but a shell, in despair.

Encasing his heart in cement and ice,
He promised himself, he wouldn’t err thrice.
Rude and arrogant is all he shows,
Resigning to his fate of being all alone.

For Love and trust are nothing but fake,
And believing in them was his mistake.
They are but two of many conniving cheats,
That make this world harsh and bleak.


Aniket Naik, more commonly known as Panda, is a writer for the Editorial Board and an avid daydreamer who lets his imagination run wild behind the closed doors of his mind. He can often be found either in his room or in the library playing Dota 2. Sometimes, you might find him actually socializing with people, if you’re lucky. Apart from that, he generally passes time by jotting plot points to stories which will never be written and surfing gaming channels on YouTube.


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