Face Painting | Invictus ’17

College Life

by Deeksha Grover

On the 4th day of Vibes, participants of various colleges came together to participate in the fun activity of face painting. There were 2 members in each team, the painter and the face and they had 45 minutes to paint the face on the topic of liberty and gender equality. At the end, they had to explain the theme to the judges, Dr. Sonali Pandit and Dr. Chandini.
The intricate and expressive designs that the painters were able to make were very impressive. Shraddha Murali a student of KMC painting the face of Ishani chose the topic liberty and tried to depict the fight of women for liberty through the ages.She said she wanted to display that women have been fighting for basic human rights like the ability to work like men, marry the person of their choice etc. for centuries.Ishani questioned the awful state of abortion rights and the unavailability of the right contraceptive measures for women.
Deepshikha, a first year student painted the face of her teammate depicting an angry male, dominating a sobbing female counterpart. She showed both sides burning in a common fire triggered by the violence between two sexes.
Another impressive art piece was created by a team from SDUMC on the theme of liberty highlighting issues like the captivity of fishermen in Sri Lanka, the plight of the farmers protesting to waive off their debts and the tension between Pakistan and China over the Kashmir and the unfairness in the judicial system despite all this ruckus going on.



Potpourri | Invictus ’17

College Life

The final day of Invictus, 30th April 2017, took off with the literary battle of wits, commonly called Potpourri which took place in the Interact lecture hall at 9 am in the morning.

The event was divided into various rounds and the scores for each team were tallied at the end of every round, with the final scores indicating the winner.

There were 4 teams from KMC Manipal which included members from almost all semesters, ranging from 6th, Armaan, Sourabh to 4th Gayathri, Madhumita, Annapoorna, Ashish, Avinash, Suhan to 2nd Vivek, Suhas, Pritam.

The first segment included three rounds- ‘What’s the good word?’ in which you were given a word and you had to help your other team members guess it by giving them three other words-one which started with the same first alphabet, a synonym and one word with some personal connect. Another was called ‘Taboo’, describing a famous personality using only 15 words, but certain words were taboo like their profession, works along with some other words.  The third round was ‘Pictionary’, describing any word using pictures.

The participants were given 13 words and 10 minutes to work on one segment each, after which the sheets were passed on for the other members to guess the answers individually. After the sheets were collected and the scores were being tallied by the potmasters and the volunteers, the participants gathered together in their teams and started discussing the answers. The atmosphere which was only moments ago filled with silence and tension, was now wrought with cheers for those lucky few who got it write and groans of despair for those who didn’t.  All the teams laughed at how their rounds went and expressed incredulity and astonishment as to how difficult the rounds were. Pictionary included words like Aunty Bhadwi, Sasquatch, Ron Swanson, Barclays. Taboo included Carrie Fisher (tabboed Star wars, princess, Hair bun), Ed Sheeran (ginger, Music), Kim Jong Un. What’s the good word had words like pulchritudinous, eventide, gibbous, arbor, gregarious. All in all, it seemed like a highly difficult round judging from the participants’ expressions and statements.

The next round was innovatively called the ‘Harvey Dent Round’. Two members were tied together back to back, and given a total of three words, two to the starter and the remaining to the other. Each member had 15 seconds to enact out their word, and then they switched. One person could not act out the other member’s word, so there was a disconnect. The third member had to guess the words within the specified time limit. The three words were basically one proper noun, one common noun and one verb which when framed together formed a sentence. The time only stopped after the entire sentence was told. The sentences given were like Michael Jackson flashing in a bathroom and such. It was highly entertaining to watch and the room was filled with laughter at the participants acting out these bizarre statements.

The next round was “Pictionary” where one member had to draw out the word on the board and the others had to guess. It mostly included famous monuments like Chichen Itza, Angkor Wat, Parthenon and such. Angkor Wat was guessed after a participant drew grapes or ‘angoor, in Hindi, on the board. However, the most entertaining one was Easter Island. The participant drew the Moai which they were unable to guess. So then to explain Easter, he drew both Easter eggs and bunnies. However, the final answer the team came up with was Dum-Dum, inspired by the Easter Island head in Night at the Museum. It was so hilarious that for the remainder of the event, the team was fondly called Team Dum Dum.

The next event was a ‘News Round’. There were fairly recent news headlines which were pictographically represented and the teams got marks for both interpreting the pictures and correctly writing down the headlines.  For example, Baahubali was represented as Baa from TV shows + Doctor Who. + a sheep baa’ing + bruce lee. Judging by the participants reactions when the answers were told, the round was extremely difficult.

The final round was a basic ‘Dumb Charades’, where two members had to guess as many movies as possible while one of them enacted it out. The participants got 10 points per every correct guess and a bonus 10 points for every 5 correct guesses.

The event was highly entertaining for both the participants and the audience. Everyone emerged from the hall in high spirits after this truly engaging competition.

First place-  Team 1: KMC,Mangalore
Second place- Team 4: KMC,Manipal
Third place-   Team 2: MIT, Manipal

Elocution | Invictus

College Life

by Adithi Shankar

Adolf Hitler had terrible ideologies that involved decimation of entire races and a conceited notion of racial supremacy. In spite of suggesting ultimate carnage, he had an enormous following, and this was mostly because of his unadulterated charisma as an orator. The final day of Vibes began with many such powerful words, in the Elocution competition which took place at 9am in the Interact lecture halls. The event was judged ably by Dr.Ryan D’Souza from Yenapoya Medical college and Dr.Haneil D’Souza from KMC Manipal. The participants were allowed 5 minutes to present any speech, prose, poetry or monologue, strictly in the English language, sans inappropriateness.

The first slot poignantly rendered ‘Daddy’s day’, speaking of a little girl who showed maturity far beyond her years when she came to terms with her father’s untimely demise. This was followed by a passionate revisitation of Subhash Chandra Bose’s speech ‘To Delhi, to Delhi’ by Sehaj Cheema. The next performance was of a poem heavily studded with reminiscence of childhood and the rushed lives that we live today.

Deeksha Grover tailed this with a macabre and offbeat poem about surviving medical school as a closeted cannibal, being inappropriately tantalized by dissection and not being able to explain herself to her friends. The sixth slot delivered a moving monologue on the significance of virtue and art in times of despair by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

No elocution is complete in the true sense without a Shakespearean touch, which was taken care of by the seventh slot with his powerful presentation of Mark Antony’s ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’ speech.

The icing on the cake was the final slot, who mesmerized the audience and judges alike with his brilliantly executed ‘Lochinvar’, a poem about the gallant knight Lochinvar and his lady Ellen.

The event was overall a success and saw some amazing performances that would stay with the audience for a long time.



1- Slot 8, KMC Mangalore
2-Slot 1, KMC Manipal
3- Slot 3, KMC Manipal




by Vidyottama Rawat

‘Athletics’ is a collection of sporting events, mostly track and field events, including running races and various competitions in throwing and jumping. As opposed to most sports, athletics is an individual event, with the exception of relay. The morning of 28th April started off with this sport of athletics, marking the beginning of the 5th day of MIST. MIST athletics consists of 6 events, which are held separately in both the Men’s and Women’s categories – The relay race, 1500m, 400m, 200m, 100m, Shot put, Discus throw, Javelin and Long jump. Held in the MIT sports ground, participants could be seen stretching and warming up, as they geared up to give their all in the battle field. As the temperatures soared, the atmosphere got tenser with the athletes ready to set the track ablaze with their energy, all eyes on the coveted first spot.

  • 1500m (M&W) – The first event of the day was the men’s 1500 metre race, shortly followed by the same event in the women’s category. All the participants started steady, saving their energy for the last couple of hundred metres. Pawan Kumar of AFMC who landed the first spot in the men’s category finished the race in merely 4 minutes 42 seconds.

Results (Men’s 1500m)

  1. Pawan Kumar – AFMC – 04:42
  2. Rahul Singh – AFMC – 04:51
  3. Yashas A. Gamkar – M.S. Ramaiah – 05:09

       Results (Women’s 1500m)

  1. Harsha Akula – KMC, MPL – 08:03
  2. Mahima Advaitha – KMC, MLR – 08:31
  3. Talluri Sreesuguna – JSSMC – 08:45
  • Shot put (M&W) – In this event, the participants had to “put” a heavy weighted ball as far as they could by holding it at their neck and pushing it through the air. It was judged on the basis of the distance of the ball thrown.

Results (Men’s Shot put)

  1. Varun – JSSMC – 11.77m
  2. Alin Ayoob – MMC, Calicut – 10.65m
  3. Rakesh M.N. – MMC, Mysore – 10.47m

Results (Women’s Shot put)

  1. Rachana Kotian – KMC, MPL – 6.93m
  2. Nidhi Chandrashekhar – M.S. Ramaiah – 6.62m
  3. Nivedha D – M.S. Ramaiah – 6.61m
  • Discus throw (M&W) – In this event, the athletes threw a heavy disc, called a discus, in an attempt to mark a farther distance than their competitors.

Results (Men’s Discus)

  1. Alin Ayoob – Malabar Medical College – 32.55m
  2. Dr. Varun M. – JSSMC – 32.31m
  3. Akshay P. – AFMC – 24.61m

Results (Women’s Discus)

  1. Rachana Kotian – KMC, MPL – 20.15m
  2. Rashmi Raparala – Sri Devraj VMC – 17.67m
  3. Karthyayani – KMC,MPL – 15.43m
  • Javelin throw (M&W) – In this event, the javelin, a spear about 2.5m in length was thrown by the athletes after running within a predetermined area to gain momentum.

Results (Men’s Javelin)

  1. Rakesh M.N. – MMC, Mysore – 41.75m
  2. Dr. Varun M. – JSSMC – 41.65m
  3. Gils Thampi – KMC, MPL – 41.40m

Results (Women’s Javelin)

  1. Madhuri – JSSMC – 17.70m
  2. Rachana Kotian – KMC, MPL – 17.50m
  3. Krishnaveni M. – PSG – 16.68m
  • Long jump (M&W) – This event saw the athletes combining speed, strength and agility in an attempt to leap as far as possible from a take-off point.

Results (Men’s Long jump)

  1. Jeswanth Reddy – JSSMC – 6.15m
  2. Khinvraj Singh – JSSMC – 5.68m
  3. Shaik Mohammed Junaid – KMC, MPL – 5.57m

Results (Women’s Long Jump)

  1. Karthyayani – KMC, MPL – 3.74m
  2. Anusha K.M. – JSSMC – 3.45m
  3. Yashaswinee – KMC, MPL – 3.35m
  • 400m Race (M&W) – In this sprinting event, the runners started in staggered positions and raced in separate lanes for the entire course.

Results (Men’s 400m)

  1. Stephen Sebastian – AFMC – 57.09s
  2. M. Aravin – JSSMC – 58.17s
  3. Akshay P. – AFMC – 58.43s

Results (Women’s 400m)

  1. Mahima Advaitha – KMC, MLR – 01:18.39
  2. Gabrielaa – KMC. MLR – 01:20.63
  3. Divya S. – Srinivas – 01:25.65
  • 200m race – Athletes could be seen using good technique and putting all their energy into the 200 metre sprint.

Results (Men’s 200m)

  1. Anthony Ofulah – KMC,MPL – 24.07s
  2. Aneesh Unnikrishnan – AFMC – 24.31s
  3. M. Aravind – JSSMC – 24.37s

Results (Women’s 200m)

  1. Mahima Advaitha – KMC, MLR – 32.26s
  2. Samhita Rajesh – PSG – 33.74s
  3. Viji – PSG – 34.66s
  • 100m race – The 100 metre race was a test of raw speed with all the racers putting their best foot forward.

Results (Men’s 100m)

  1. Vedant Shetty – K.S. Hegde – 11.57s
  2. M. Aravind – JSSMC  – 12.02s
  3. Stephem Sebastian – AFMC – 12.35s

Results (Women’s 100m)

  1. Samhita Rajesh – 15.87s
  2. Nivedha S. – 15.91s
  3. Gabriella – 15.94s
  • The Relay Race (4x100m) – Consisting of a team of 4 sprinters, the relay race marked the end of athletics for MIST 2017. Each sprinter ran a distance of 100 metres carrying a baton in their hand, before passing it onto the next runner. The KMC Men’s team consisted of Tarun Shankar, Shaik Mohammad Junaid, Anthony Ofulah and Manthan Arora while the women’s team was represented by Aashna Bhatia, Karthyayani, Hannah Mathew and Sitara Niranjan.

Results (Men’s Relay)

  1. AFMC – 47.41s
  2. JSSMC – 48.24s
  3. PSG – 50.55s

Results (Women’s Relay)

  1. PSG – 1.04.37
  2. KMC, MPL – 1.07.56
  3. KMC, MLR – 1.10.21

Clay Modelling | Invictus ’17

College Life, Invictus

by Ishani Mitra

Invictus Day 3

The clay modeling competition took place on Friday afternoon. Only three teams participated, all from the same institute- Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College. Each team was allowed a maximum of three members.

A block of clay and a time limit of two hours were provided to the teams. There was no specific theme to the contest- the participants could let their imagination run free and create whatever they wanted. The first team adopted the theme ‘The Trump Administration’. They created a realistic model of Donald Trump’s face along with the wall he demanded be built along the Mexican border. To the side, they added a small replica of Obama’s face being crushed by a boot. Overall, their attention to detail was incredible.

The second team moulded their clay into a branch with twigs and leaves. They added a miniature caterpillar and ladybug as the finishing touch. The last team created a doll-sized version of Minnie Mouse.

Winners: SDUMC


MELA Quiz | Invictus ’17

College Life, Invictus

by Sumedha Sircar

Invictus Day 3

The third afternoon of Vibes saw a bunch of incredibly talented quizzers sweat it out to the MELA- Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art – questions set by Dr. Omer Mujahid, Dr. Pritvik B Sharath, Dr. Zaid Hussain and Dr. Mridul Mahajan, who go by the moniker ‘Ingenious Basterds’. The quiz saw a great deal of participation, even from some of the overworked organisers of Invictus who among other things, view themselves as quizzers with a considerable degree of pride. The prelims saw a lot of palpable excitement, a great deal of whispering into teammates’ ears and an inordinate number of priceless photo ops for when an answer dawned upon a participant or a risky guess paid off. The prelims questions were very engaging, with a few that most of the audience could answer – most of us know how Sylvia Plath met her demise – and yet others that inspired a great deal of head scratching. Six teams qualified, of which three belonged to KMC Manipal. The ensuing finals saw a myriad of questions testing the participants knowledge of culture. There were the standard rounds of ‘pouncing’ (pounce or be pounced) that elicited the usual high five giving when a team got an answer right, and the loud bursts of annoyance when a wrong pounce fetched negative marks. Then there were the differential scoring rounds, with one round asking the participants to guess the artist based on their works of art and the other asking for the name of an author based on the reviews their books had received. After a hard fought battle, the following bagged first, second and third respectively.



1st Place- Team 2: PES Bangalore, Christ University Bangalore, St. Xavier’s Mumbai
2nd Place- Team 3: NIT, Surathkal
3rd Place- Team 8: AFMC, Pune

Mad Ads | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Zeshan Syed

Invictus Day 2

Mad Ads is the one event where every quirky and cheeky innuendo is employed to advertise a given product and thus entertain and leave the audience with a social message. This VIBES event saw KMC’s dramatics team face SDMC in a contest of creativity, expression and humor.

KMC advertised a toothpaste with a flippant yet strong script, composed by Deeksha Grover and Asmitha Yadav. Amidst the smooth transitions, expressive dialogues and adeptly executed formations, KMC delivered witty double entendres and figuratively held up a mirror to reflect the sexual harassment seen in society.

A beaming Shalaka, a dramatist from the act, expressed her joy at the team’s performance and the ‘delivery of the subtle message’ in their ad. Utkarsh, the narrator of the play, who has a veteran’s experience in dramatics, spoke about the impromptu nature of a Mad Ad and the importance of quick wit in handling slip-ups in the play. On being asked, he chuckled and stated that if he were ever to do an advertisement for a real product, it would be the Manipal Manual of Physiology as ‘every KMC student can relate to that book’.

Shalaka was optimistic about KMC’s chances at bagging the Mad Ads competition as the team had the perfect blend of theatrical talent, quick wit and experience.


Slot 2, SDUMC

Collage | Invictus ’17

College Life

by Shraddha Murali

Invictus Day 2

The term collage originates from the French word ‘Coller’ and literally means ‘to glue’. Today it has come to signify a collection of various things, but most commonly means a piece of art created by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

This was also the essence of the Collage competition held as a part of the VIBES segment of INVICTUS. Participants (in teams of max. 3 members) were tasked with creating an aforementioned piece of art on one of the two topics- “Say No to Drugs” or “Peer Pressure”. The participants could use any amount of newspaper or magazine cuttings for their creation but were forbidden from using scissors to cut these out. They also could not use 3D imagery.

The teams could be seen meticulously shredding paper and gluing bits of completely unrelated articles together to bring forth a completely new picture. The judges for the event, Dr. Bharti Magazine (Dept. of Pharmacology, KMC Manipal) and Sujatha Deepak were in rapt attention as the teams used the 3 minutes available to them to explain their Collage. The end results of the two hours were indeed a visual treat.



1st Place- Slot 1: KMC Manipal
2nd Place- Slot 3: SDUMC

Eastern Dance Group | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Deeksha Grover

Invictus Day 2

They say dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body – it is an art of storytelling. Many stories were told on 27th April, 2017, as the stage of KMC greens was set of fire by the brilliant eastern dance groups of the INVICTUS 2017. KMC’s team, which comprised of Shreyasi Mallick, Adithi S, Sweta Suria, Sakshi Ramnani, Deasini Das, Astha Sareen, Saachi Khanna, Aditi Bhat, Nikhil John and Anagha Harikumar depicted the story of Bhasmasura, a demon from Hindu mythology by a stellar dance performance. Bhasmasura, played by Shreyasi Mallick was granted the power to burn up and immediately turn into ashes (bhasma) anyone whose head he touched with his hand. The asura was tricked by the god Vishnu’s only female avatar, the enchantress Mohini, to turn himself into ashes. The group did a terrific job portraying the story by beautiful expressions and intricate formations. One of the dedicated performers, Aditi Shankar, tells us that they practiced for 8 hours every day, for weeks on end, to reach the point of perfection with which they performed. Surely, KMC is lucky to be blessed with students this tenacious and talented.


1st Place – KMC Manipal
2nd Place – MCODS Manipal

Western Vocals | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Vidyottama Rawat

Invictus Day 2

“Where words leave off, music begins.”

The evening of 27th provided a much needed musical escapade amidst all the fierce competition. Judged by Dr. Ananth, Dr. Meena and Joseph Edward, Western Vocals took place on the Greens Stage at 5 PM as part of the VIBES segment of INVICTUS. The performers had everyone in awe of their melodious voices. Mesmerised by the performances, even the people merely passing by couldn’t help but listen for a while.

KMC, Manipal was represented by Hannah Mathew, Harsh Kahlon, Madhumita R. Satish, Ameya Kale, Taruni Suraj, Saptarshi Bajpai, Gopika Suresh and Samarth Goyal, who performed an absolutely stunning medley (of the songs ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Somebody to love’ and ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’). Harsh recreated the Phantom of the Opera song, ‘Wishing you were somehow here again’ for his solo while Tanvi Sambhus gave her voice to ‘Chandelier’.


Female Solo- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Male Solo- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Duet- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Group – Slot 6: KMC Manipal