Debate | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Vidyottama Rawat

Utsav Day 1


In a time when opinions can’t be expressed without the fear of facing dire consequences and freedom of expression has almost become nonexistent, Utsav provided students a fair ground to battle it out in a grandiose war of words. Utsav day one kickstarted with a debate competition, held at the counselling hall. With as many as 22 teams participating, the atmosphere was charged with powerful words.

The motion for the day was ‘Marriage is a social trap’. Each team had a time limit of 3 minutes each to present their argument followed by a minute questioning. KMC, Manipal was represented by a team consisting of the 6th semester students, Arjun Kumar and Priyanka Kapur. Priyanka spoke for the motion while Arjun spoke against.

Very strong arguments were presented by each team, with half the participants vehemently opposing the motion and convincing the audience and judges that the concept of marriage by itself is a beautiful one, it’s only when people start considering it a business deal does it become a trap; while the other half supported it vociferously going on to say that the entire concept of marriage has now become redundant due to the unavoidable involvement of unnecessary social elements.

After having presented their arguments, the KMC team was questioned vigorously by the judges and it was handled really well by the team, the final result announcing the KMC team first.

First Place: KMC, Manipal

Second Place: MCODS, Manipal

Third Place: MCODS, Mangalore


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