Eastern Non-Classical Vocals Group | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Rohan Basak
Utsav Day 2

The last event for the day, the Eastern non- classical vocal group competition was a perfect ending to a very interesting and an eventful day here in Manipal. Day 1 of Utsav 2017 witnessed some spectacular events like extempore, painting, potpourri, cartooning, etc where participants put forward some amazing performances, but to top it all, came the Indian non-classical vocal group event which was conducted in the KMC Greens.

Placed at a very convenient timing, this enchanting event attracted a considerably large crowd to the decked-up Greens. The evening slowly slipped into a musical trance as participants rendered soulful Indian non- classical songs. The participants’ voices drifted along the Greens along with the slow evening breeze, setting up an energizing atmosphere to enjoy the music after a tiring sunny afternoon. Despite the technical issues and some offbeat lines, the audience showed their amusement by joining in and by their evidently loud cheers.

At slot 11, KMC Manipal was proud to present ‘Kaale- Megha’ from the movie Lagaan- Once upon a time in India. The co-ordination between the team members during transitions was impeccable and the performance was absolutely breath-taking. The predominantly patriotic songs lingered for quite some time in the hearts of the audience as the day came to a pleasant end, leaving the onlookers with something to look forward to on Day 2 of Utsav 2017.

First Place: KMC, Manipal
Second Place: MCODS, Manipal
Third Place: KMC, Mangalore


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