Potpourri | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Ishani Mitra & Reetobaan Datta
Utsav Day 1


Wits went to war in one of the most invigorating events of Utsav 2017: Potpourri. Divided into two rounds, the literary battle was waged in the rather peaceful MMMC classrooms (Prelims) and the Greens stage (Finals). Seventeen teams participated out of which six qualified, KMC being one of them. Each team had three members.

There were ten rounds in total. Every round presented pattern, picture or riddle based questions which the teams had to solve within a time limit. One round involved crosswords, another was picture-based and had the participants guessing various movie titles or phrases. Keeping up with digital times, the preliminary test was conducted on electronic pads with questions ranging from finding cities in jumbled words to solving anagrams.

The top six colleges progressed to contest in a six-rounded finals, hosted and officiated by experienced potmaster Mr Rai. Events such as Tom, Dick and Harry,

Unlimited Charades and Anagram-Enacting was not only enjoyable for the participants but also for the audience. There were times when one of the contestants from KMC Manipal started explaining nations using only a few dot notations. Another one from MIT guessed the various anagrams in a matter of seconds and bid his time successfully to communicate the required word to his teammates. However, the major part of this edition’s Potpourri was dominated by KMC Mangalore, which acted and guessed its way to victory.

First Place: KMC, Mangalore

Second Place: MIT

Third Place: WGSHA


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