Indian Classical Vocals Solo | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Vidyottama Rawat
Utsav Day 2


On a hot Wednesday afternoon as the temperatures hit 30 degrees, a much needed musical respite was provided by Utsav in the form of Carnatic Hindustani Classical Music (Solo Vocals). The event took place in the counselling hall of the edu building and was presided over by the judges, Smt Uma Udayshankari, Ms Mahalakshmi Shenoy, Mr Satyacharan Shenoy and Vidvan Madhur P Balasubramanyam. Only 1 entry was allowed per institute. A maximum of 2 minutes was provided for the setup and sound check while the performance would take place in the next 5 minutes. Original kritis were allowed but filmy or folk songs, even though classically based were not allowed. Participants were allowed 2 accompanists excluding the electronic tanpura. The name of the raga and taal was to be mentioned in the beginning.

KMC, Manipal was represented by Govind Sreenivasa who performed a soulful rendition of the Raga Hamsanadam to the taal, Aadi. He was accompanied by Jayaram Deepak on the mridangam.

First Place: Manipal University, Dubai
Second Place: KMC, Mangalore
Third Place: SOC


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