Indian Classical Dance Solo | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Adithi Shankar
Utsav Day 2


Classical dance is considered to be the most uninteresting form of dance by the vast majority. However, in terms of technicality, grace and physical demand, it is in league with, if not superior, to all other vagaries of dance.

The classical dance solo event of Utsav 2017 commenced at 4pm on the KMC Greens stage. The judges were Manasi S Rao, Yaksharamakrishna, and Sudhir Rao.

The participants performed their arts, ranging from Bharathanatyam to Odissi, with great aplomb. KMC was represented by Adithi Shankar of 6th semester, a Bharathanatyam dancer who has been learning the art since the age of 5. She captured the riveting story of how Lord Krishna vanquished the diabolical seven headed serpent Kalinga, who was wreaking havoc in their village.

The event was a great success and performances were lauded by an appreciative audience.

First Place: WGSHA
Second Place: MIT
Third Place: SOM


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