Indian Non-Classical Dance Solo | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Aniket Naik
Utsav Day 2


Dance is the only art form which allows the purest expressions of human feelings and emotions. Some people are gifted at dancing, with their fluid and effortless movements. These very people battled it out today at Utsav’s Eastern non-classical solo dance, held at KMC Greens on 5th April.

The event began at 6pm and had attracted a large crowd as students from various colleges came to cheer for their classmates. Dance upon dance, as competitors bust out the Bollywood moves to the latest top tracks, enthralled the crowd and kept them on their toes as applause rang through the Utsav tent.

Sakshi Ramnani was the participant from KMC Manipal. She danced to several hit numbers such as ‘Nagada’ and ‘Dil le gayi’ amongst others. Her dance moves certainly set the stage on fire and earned massive praise from the crowd. She tried her best and despite not placing, she proved that she’s definitely a force to reckon with.

First Place: MCODS, Mangalore
Second Place: SOAHS
Third Place: KMC, Mangalore


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