English Poetry | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Vidyottama Rawat
Utsav Day 3


Utsav day 3 started off with an alluring play of words, English poetry, which took place in the counselling hall at an early hour of 9. The judges for the event were Chandrakala Poojari, Charlotte Mascreen, Jyothi Santosh and Mrs Priyanka Prabhu.

Only one participant was allowed per college. A total of three topics – ‘obsession’, ‘desire’ and ‘destination’, was given and the contestants could incorporate one or more of the topics in their poems. The participants were then given one hour to compose as many poems as they could but they had to be limited to a duration of 3 minutes max. They had to then hand the judges a hard copy of their poem before reciting it.

The atmosphere was radiant with participants intricately weaving words together to form a poem. The KMC team was represented by Athira Warrier, who beautifully recited the journey of the obsession of a drug addict in the form of a poem, which finally got KMC the second position.

First Place: MCODS, Manipal
Second Place: KMC, Manipal
Third Place: SOLS


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