Western Dance Solo | UTSAV 2017

College Life

by Aniket Naik
Utsav Day 3


Dance is a sublime art form that is revered by all cultures and is an important part of rituals and ceremonies. As mankind evolved and became more competitive, so did dance. Dance competitions are held all over, with dancers showing off their hardwork with graceful and seemingly impossible dance moves, leaving the common man envious and in awe.

The third day of Utsav drew in a massive crowd, with one of the popular events, Western Dance Solo being held that evening. KMC’s participant, Rachana Kotian, was the opening performance for the night.

Rachana’s dance depicted the transformation of a small, harmless kitten into a beautiful and strong lioness, symbolizing that women can be powerful, if given the chance to excel. She danced to songs like ‘Worth It’ and ‘Put a ring on it’; those which reinforced her chosen theme. Dressed in red and black, she set the stage on fire, raised the bar high and ended with an almighty roar, amidst loud applause and cheers.

First Place: WGSHA

Second Place: SOC

Third Place: MIT


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