Western (Non-Indian) Vocals Solo | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Zeshan Syed
Utsav Day 3

The audience at KMC Greens was swayed by a plethora of vocal ranges as colleges showcased their most talented singers in this round. The crowd’s enthusiasm audibly escalated at every crescendo, as they were moved by the soul every vocalist put into their song.

A beaming Pranav Rajshekhar, who was representing KMC, stated that he was ‘slightly nervous’ as this was his first ‘solo Utsav performance’ but his serene rendition proved otherwise.

He skilfully delivered pieces of the songs ‘House of the Rising Sun’, ‘I’m Feeling Good’, and ‘When I Was Your Man’, of which he considered the last his strength.

Pranav left the gallery awestruck at his versatility, as every song was of a different genre. Pleased with his performance, he appreciated the training he received from his seniors and was glad he did his college justice.

First Place: SOLS
Second Place: MIT
Third Place: SOAHS


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