Fashion Show | Utsav 2017

College Life

by Ishani Mitra
Utsav Day 4

The Utsav fashion show- arguably the most awaited event of this performance-packed week. From flashing lights to booming music, sky-high heels to elaborate make-up, painted abs to trailing gowns- the evening saw it all. The crowd turnout was remarkable, with all seats being occupied well before the show started. As soon as the lights dimmed and smoke flooded the stage, a deafening cheer was let out. It was finally time.

The rules of the event were carefully explained beforehand- each institute was allowed to send only one team with a maximum of 15 members. There could only be one narrator per team, any number of costume changes and segments, but props or spillage of any kind was not allowed.

From the very first moment, the participants had the crowd glued to their seats, with well-practiced well-coordinated walks and stunning costumes. The first slot had ‘Cultures across the world’ as their theme and students displayed Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and Indian wear in tune with foot-tapping music. Another team depicted various forms of art, and had costumes decked with calligraphic letters, mosaic tiles and graffiti. Yet another performance decided to glorify the villains in books and movies with the theme ‘Bad is the new black’. The contestants stormed the stage dressed as well-known bad guys- Joker and Harley Quinn, Voldemort, and the evil queen from Snow White to name a few.

Special mention must be made of KMC Manipal’s performance.  They adopted the theme ‘Mythical tales from history’. Medusa, the Mummy, the Phoenix and the Minotaur showed off their fierce catwalks in beautifully designed costumes.

All in all, the night ended on a good note, leaving everyone in high spirits and eager to know the results of the competition.


First Place: MCODS, Manipal
Second Place: FOA
Third Place: KMC, Mangalore


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