by Yoshita Batish
2nd Semester

Artwork by Aarthi Venkatramanan

Come embrace me in this blackhole.
Hold my hand, my skeptical frame.
My chariot swerves dangerously,
Teach me to control, teach me how to aim.
O wizened alchemist with a prickly beard,
There is a universe in your eyes.
So kiss my forehead, grant me this boon,
That I may glow bright and see past the lies.
My adulterated brother with tousled hair,
My cruel mentor, giver of anecdotes.
Blind me to easy elixirs,
To you I credit my principles, my life’s quotes.
Shower upon me blows of thunder,
Hit me with agonizing pain.
For in the relentless downpours,
Did the hill become the mountain.


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