Cartooning | Invictus 2017

College Life

  by Aarushi Goel

Cartoons are a great and eye-catching medium to effectively convey a powerful message being much quicker than solely the written word. A well-presented cartoon can leave a lasting impression on the observer’s mind. This skill was well-portrayed in the Cartooning event for the VIBES segment of INVICTUS 2017, held on the 26th of April in the Interact lecture halls at 11 am.

The topic for the event was ‘The Trump Administration’. The participants had to finish their sketch within one and a half hours, using only a black pen and freehand drawing. The use of pencils, stencils or any other support was not allowed.
The cartoons were highly skilled in both the sketching and content, showcasing the amount of thought and wit the cartoonists had put into it.

One sketch symbolized Trump’s speech as a fist which would KO the people of the United States of America. A few others were about Trump’s anti-immigration order, his ideas for the wall, Putin, his ideologies and a lot of his controversial statements, including the highly sexist ones. Another one was a humorous dig on Trump’s orange complexion.  A lot of the cartoons portrayed Trump as being highly disastrous for USA in particular, and the world in general.

The participants from KMC, Manipal were Shreya Utla, Arjun Nair, Aarthi Venkatramanan and Sonika Gupta.

Aarthi sketched about all the tragic events that occurred in the 21st century, including the bombing of the Twin Towers and Michael Jackson’s death, on top of which the world has to now deal with the presidency of Donald Trump. Regarding the topic, she said that while it was a slightly controversial one, she had tried to keep her sketch as politically correct as possible but was a bit worried about that aspect. However, it gave her immense satisfaction to portray her true feelings on Trump whose ideologies she dislikes and does not agree with.

Sonika hilariously compared Trump to a pumpkin and explained how both were similar- orange on the outside, hollow on the inside and should be thrown out by the end of November. She said that the topic was relevant, innovative and required a lot of thought before the actual sketching began. She said it was the kind of topic that could bring out the true potential of the candidate.

Arjun’s sketch showed the exit of Hitler in 1947 and the entry of Trump in 2017, with the backdrop being a wall having various posters with Mexican, cartel and drugs slashed out. In the centre, there was a new age Statue of Liberty with her fire burning the Constitutional Rights. He said that the topic was really good and relevant to the current political scenario and pretty satisfying to draw on.

Shreya drew a caricature of Trump and showcased all the bizarre things that he has said throughout the election and now during his term. Regarding the topic, she thought that is pretty cool and had a lot of scope for political commentary, equating it with her previous experiences in Cartooning events. Regarding her sketch, she had this to say, “I drew Trump because well, the topic was Trump.”
All in all, the sketches had interesting concepts behind them which were very skilfully portrayed and it was a treat to see the talent the participants had.


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