Debate Prelims | Invictus 2017

College Life
by Reetobaan Datta


A literary delight for the audience, the English debate left the audience spellbound and in awe. The agenda was ‘The House believes that criticism plays a major role in motivating individuals to achieve their goals’’. The speeches which were restricted to three minutes, was followed by a round of questioning by the judges, Dr. Haniel D’Souza of the Forensic Department and Professor M. Sudhamshu from the Humanities department . 

Speakers talked about how constructive criticism is important in helping an individual grow and improve upon himself.

 Side government, in addition, spoke at length of the contributions made by major personalities as a result of the criticism they received. Contradicting these points, side opposition talked of how criticism was detrimental to the very essence of performance and how it is majorly problematic for those who may lack confidence. In the end, four out of the six teams qualified for the Finals.

Slots qualified: 3,4,5 and 6.
Note: Debate finals was not conducted due to unavailability of 2 of the teams who made it to the finals.

photos by Sanket Mohanty


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