Game Quiz | Invictus 2017

College Life

by Aniket Naik

Video games are often considered to create a mindset that helps foster the growth of imagination and creativity. With a wide variety of video games and consoles in existence today, it should be no surprise that a Game quiz was conducted at Invictus 2017; to test the knowledge of these individuals and see if they truly are what they claim to be: Gamers.

The quiz was held at Interact, hosted by Sourabh Srinivas, Abhay Bazaz and Armaan Ahuja. The room was filled with the classic 8-bit arcade music which made the participants nostalgic. The black board was covered in drawings of the ghosts from Pac-man and consoles.

The quiz itself was very interactive and interesting. A preliminary round was held first to narrow down the best teams. The top 5 teams were selected out of the 10 teams present. The quiz then progressed to the finals where there were several rounds, including a long connect, worded to sound like a RPG quest; a pounce-and-bounce round as well as a special round of simply identifying iconic game themes which had been remixed into metal.

The quiz ended with a draw for 1st place followed by a very close second and third place.


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