Mono – Act | Invictus 2017

College Life

by Deeksha Grover

An activity that brings the most adept of actors to their wit’s end, a Monoacting contest was conducted as part of the cultural half of Invictus in interact lecture hall. Participants were given 60 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to perform solo on a topic picked by random slots.

The event was kicked off by a terrific performance by Krishanu Mukhopadhay of 4th semester,KMC, Manipal on ‘Communal Riots’. He powerfully portrayed a love story of a tea seller tangled in between the Gujarat riots of 2002.He said that he aimed to display the disruption in the life of the simpletons caused by political disharmony.His stellar performance left the audience stunned.

The next performer from KMC was Manya from 2nd semester who performed on ‘Marital Rape’ showing the atrocities that are inflicted behind closed doors of a domestic household.
Ahmad Hussaini from 4th sem performed on the interesting topic of non culpable homicide where he left the judges awestruck by the his aptness in mimicking the accents of various countries while showing an engaging discussion of the UN security council.

1st Place- Slot 6: FMMC
2nd Place- Slot 3: MCODS Manipal
3rd Place- Slot 6: KMC Manipal


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