Western Dance Group | Invictus 2017

College Life

by Ishani Mitra

Western group dance- the final event of the day. The air was heavy with anticipation as people crowded noisily around the stage, some on chairs, others sprawled on the grass. The rules were briefly explained- each team (having a minimum of 8 members and a maximum of 15) would be given 5 minutes on stage. Props and spillage of any kind were not allowed. Indian music was not allowed, but non-Indian fusion dance was accepted.

The first slot saw participants glide onto the stage dressed in white and black.  Their theme was ‘the evolution of dance.’ The performance showcased different styles of dance that became popular throughout the ages, with even a short cameo dedicated to twerking. Songs like Runaway baby, B***ch better have my money and Where are you now had the audience cheering throughout, but they unfortunately exceeded their time limit by 9 seconds.

The second slot had a jerky start owing to some technical issues, but they made up for it with synchronized steps and foot-tapping music. Special mention must be made of their opening segment, where the team members pretended to be band instruments. The following slot paid a tribute to Suicide Squad– the boys were dressed as the Joker and the girls as Harley Quinn.  The performers pulled off well-choreographed stunts even as they mouthed lines from the movie. The ending had a surprise appearance from Batman.

The fourth and final slot drew the loudest screams from the crowd- KMC’s Phoenix took the stage dressed in all black. Leaps, throws, stunts, fun music (Rockabye, Barbie girl, Juju on that beat)- the performance had it all. All in all, the night ended on a high note, and everyone left looking forward to the next day.


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