Eastern Dance Group | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Deeksha Grover

Invictus Day 2

They say dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body – it is an art of storytelling. Many stories were told on 27th April, 2017, as the stage of KMC greens was set of fire by the brilliant eastern dance groups of the INVICTUS 2017. KMC’s team, which comprised of Shreyasi Mallick, Adithi S, Sweta Suria, Sakshi Ramnani, Deasini Das, Astha Sareen, Saachi Khanna, Aditi Bhat, Nikhil John and Anagha Harikumar depicted the story of Bhasmasura, a demon from Hindu mythology by a stellar dance performance. Bhasmasura, played by Shreyasi Mallick was granted the power to burn up and immediately turn into ashes (bhasma) anyone whose head he touched with his hand. The asura was tricked by the god Vishnu’s only female avatar, the enchantress Mohini, to turn himself into ashes. The group did a terrific job portraying the story by beautiful expressions and intricate formations. One of the dedicated performers, Aditi Shankar, tells us that they practiced for 8 hours every day, for weeks on end, to reach the point of perfection with which they performed. Surely, KMC is lucky to be blessed with students this tenacious and talented.


1st Place – KMC Manipal
2nd Place – MCODS Manipal


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