General Quiz | Invictus


by Aniket Naik

Invictus Day 2

The General quiz for Invictus 2017 was held at Interact on the 27th of April. The quiz was based on general knowledge that may seem difficult at first glance but is deceptively simple. The quiz had a high turnout with large number of teams coming in from colleges like NITK, MIT, Manipal and AFMC.

The quizmaster was Dr. Major Chandrakant Nair, a distinguished and legendary quizmaster known for his out-of-the-box questions and entertaining quizzing. He began the quiz with a short preliminary round of thirty questions which had the participants scratching their heads as they attempted to answer. His questions involved interactive elements such as videos and music clips which ensured that the participants’ attention wouldn’t wander off

He selected the top eight teams to proceed to the finals where he conducted four rounds of quizzing: two written and two pounce-and-bounce. The questions were of a slightly higher difficulty level and a few managed to stump even the most ardent quizzers.

The night ended with the quiz master congratulating the winning team followed by a casual discussion of the quiz as they packed up and proceeded to head out.


1st Place: Team 2, PES, Bangalore, Christ University, Bangalore and St. Xavier’s, Mumbai
2nd Place: Team 3, MIT, Manipal 
3rd Place: Team 5, KMC, Manipal


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