Mad Ads | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Zeshan Syed

Invictus Day 2

Mad Ads is the one event where every quirky and cheeky innuendo is employed to advertise a given product and thus entertain and leave the audience with a social message. This VIBES event saw KMC’s dramatics team face SDMC in a contest of creativity, expression and humor.

KMC advertised a toothpaste with a flippant yet strong script, composed by Deeksha Grover and Asmitha Yadav. Amidst the smooth transitions, expressive dialogues and adeptly executed formations, KMC delivered witty double entendres and figuratively held up a mirror to reflect the sexual harassment seen in society.

A beaming Shalaka, a dramatist from the act, expressed her joy at the team’s performance and the ‘delivery of the subtle message’ in their ad. Utkarsh, the narrator of the play, who has a veteran’s experience in dramatics, spoke about the impromptu nature of a Mad Ad and the importance of quick wit in handling slip-ups in the play. On being asked, he chuckled and stated that if he were ever to do an advertisement for a real product, it would be the Manipal Manual of Physiology as ‘every KMC student can relate to that book’.

Shalaka was optimistic about KMC’s chances at bagging the Mad Ads competition as the team had the perfect blend of theatrical talent, quick wit and experience.


Slot 2, SDUMC


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