Mime | Invictus


by Rohan Basak

Invictus Day 2

Actions speak louder than words and there’s nothing better than a mime to substantiate it. Bringing much needed life into a dry evening on April 27 2016, the mime performance of Invictus 2017 certainly caught the attention of all onlookers. The judges for the event, Dr. Ashwini from the Department of Community Medicine and Dr. Bijay from the Department of Biochemistry were introduced formally and the event came to a start.

Slot No.1 put forth a mind-blowing performance in the topic ‘Chemistry Lab’ incorporating a lot of experiences we, as medical students, can easily relate to. Students entering the lab late, sneaking behind the teacher and scurrying off to their designated seats, all of this brought back memories of the past in most of the people gathered there. And not to mention, the daring experiments performed by curious students which eventually resulted in accidents and explosions students receiving chemical burns. When the teacher approaches all students to check their progress with the experiments, they portrayed how students would copy results from their fellow students in a rather hilarious manner. To top it all, they ended with a scene where students accidentally leak NO2 (Laughing Gas) and they go into fits of laughter.

Giving a tough competition to Slot No.1, Slot No. 2, comprising of Asmita Yadav (2nd sem), Neha Kiran (4th sem), Hunar Ghai (4th sem), Nivedita Zakhar (4th sem), Ambar Gupta (6th sem) and Utkarsh Mishra (6th sem) from KMC gave their performance on the topic ‘Construction Site’. They began with the cutting and felling of trees to obtain timber for construction. They were instrumental in imitating noises from timber-processing factories, giving a life-like experience. They also depicted incidents like on-site fatalities among construction workers, ill treatment of workers on duty and other socially prevalent ill practices taking place at construction sites. They also focused on the inability of contractors to fulfil the ever-increasing demands of their clients, giving rise to multiple additions and demolitions. This resulted in poor pay and a vicious cycle leading to the construction of a substandard houses, which in the end, collapsed on the residents themselves. But the most outstanding moment of the performance was the formation of a ‘crane’ in an ingenious manner with the help of 4 performers. That was truly a sight to behold.



1st Place: Slot No. 2 – KMC, Manipal


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