Painting | Invictus ’17


by Vivek Mahapatra

Invictus Day 2

A splash of paint is a dash of magic, and never more so than at the Painting event at Invictus. Early in the day with a twinkle in their eye, the participants gathered in Interact with brushes and pencils abounding. The topics of Monsoon, Bondage and Street, were rendered into their distinct artistic sensibilities, producing a gallery of images to rival any such creation.

Some played music in their bid to concentrate solely on the swirling colours mix and match into shapes of their desiring, while others got up on the move, with large brushstrokes boldly made where none had made a mark before.

The judges for the event were Jayshree Nayak and Sonali Pandit, and the inarguably goliathan task of adjudging the best among such peers fell to their capable undertaking.


results will be updated soon


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