Western Vocals | Invictus

College Life, Invictus

by Vidyottama Rawat

Invictus Day 2

“Where words leave off, music begins.”

The evening of 27th provided a much needed musical escapade amidst all the fierce competition. Judged by Dr. Ananth, Dr. Meena and Joseph Edward, Western Vocals took place on the Greens Stage at 5 PM as part of the VIBES segment of INVICTUS. The performers had everyone in awe of their melodious voices. Mesmerised by the performances, even the people merely passing by couldn’t help but listen for a while.

KMC, Manipal was represented by Hannah Mathew, Harsh Kahlon, Madhumita R. Satish, Ameya Kale, Taruni Suraj, Saptarshi Bajpai, Gopika Suresh and Samarth Goyal, who performed an absolutely stunning medley (of the songs ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Somebody to love’ and ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’). Harsh recreated the Phantom of the Opera song, ‘Wishing you were somehow here again’ for his solo while Tanvi Sambhus gave her voice to ‘Chandelier’.


Female Solo- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Male Solo- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Duet- Slot 6: KMC Manipal
Group – Slot 6: KMC Manipal


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