Clay Modelling | Invictus ’17

College Life, Invictus

by Ishani Mitra

Invictus Day 3

The clay modeling competition took place on Friday afternoon. Only three teams participated, all from the same institute- Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College. Each team was allowed a maximum of three members.

A block of clay and a time limit of two hours were provided to the teams. There was no specific theme to the contest- the participants could let their imagination run free and create whatever they wanted. The first team adopted the theme ‘The Trump Administration’. They created a realistic model of Donald Trump’s face along with the wall he demanded be built along the Mexican border. To the side, they added a small replica of Obama’s face being crushed by a boot. Overall, their attention to detail was incredible.

The second team moulded their clay into a branch with twigs and leaves. They added a miniature caterpillar and ladybug as the finishing touch. The last team created a doll-sized version of Minnie Mouse.

Winners: SDUMC



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