MELA Quiz | Invictus ’17

College Life, Invictus

by Sumedha Sircar

Invictus Day 3

The third afternoon of Vibes saw a bunch of incredibly talented quizzers sweat it out to the MELA- Music, Entertainment, Literature and Art – questions set by Dr. Omer Mujahid, Dr. Pritvik B Sharath, Dr. Zaid Hussain and Dr. Mridul Mahajan, who go by the moniker ‘Ingenious Basterds’. The quiz saw a great deal of participation, even from some of the overworked organisers of Invictus who among other things, view themselves as quizzers with a considerable degree of pride. The prelims saw a lot of palpable excitement, a great deal of whispering into teammates’ ears and an inordinate number of priceless photo ops for when an answer dawned upon a participant or a risky guess paid off. The prelims questions were very engaging, with a few that most of the audience could answer – most of us know how Sylvia Plath met her demise – and yet others that inspired a great deal of head scratching. Six teams qualified, of which three belonged to KMC Manipal. The ensuing finals saw a myriad of questions testing the participants knowledge of culture. There were the standard rounds of ‘pouncing’ (pounce or be pounced) that elicited the usual high five giving when a team got an answer right, and the loud bursts of annoyance when a wrong pounce fetched negative marks. Then there were the differential scoring rounds, with one round asking the participants to guess the artist based on their works of art and the other asking for the name of an author based on the reviews their books had received. After a hard fought battle, the following bagged first, second and third respectively.



1st Place- Team 2: PES Bangalore, Christ University Bangalore, St. Xavier’s Mumbai
2nd Place- Team 3: NIT, Surathkal
3rd Place- Team 8: AFMC, Pune


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