Potpourri | Invictus ’17

College Life

The final day of Invictus, 30th April 2017, took off with the literary battle of wits, commonly called Potpourri which took place in the Interact lecture hall at 9 am in the morning.

The event was divided into various rounds and the scores for each team were tallied at the end of every round, with the final scores indicating the winner.

There were 4 teams from KMC Manipal which included members from almost all semesters, ranging from 6th, Armaan, Sourabh to 4th Gayathri, Madhumita, Annapoorna, Ashish, Avinash, Suhan to 2nd Vivek, Suhas, Pritam.

The first segment included three rounds- ‘What’s the good word?’ in which you were given a word and you had to help your other team members guess it by giving them three other words-one which started with the same first alphabet, a synonym and one word with some personal connect. Another was called ‘Taboo’, describing a famous personality using only 15 words, but certain words were taboo like their profession, works along with some other words.  The third round was ‘Pictionary’, describing any word using pictures.

The participants were given 13 words and 10 minutes to work on one segment each, after which the sheets were passed on for the other members to guess the answers individually. After the sheets were collected and the scores were being tallied by the potmasters and the volunteers, the participants gathered together in their teams and started discussing the answers. The atmosphere which was only moments ago filled with silence and tension, was now wrought with cheers for those lucky few who got it write and groans of despair for those who didn’t.  All the teams laughed at how their rounds went and expressed incredulity and astonishment as to how difficult the rounds were. Pictionary included words like Aunty Bhadwi, Sasquatch, Ron Swanson, Barclays. Taboo included Carrie Fisher (tabboed Star wars, princess, Hair bun), Ed Sheeran (ginger, Music), Kim Jong Un. What’s the good word had words like pulchritudinous, eventide, gibbous, arbor, gregarious. All in all, it seemed like a highly difficult round judging from the participants’ expressions and statements.

The next round was innovatively called the ‘Harvey Dent Round’. Two members were tied together back to back, and given a total of three words, two to the starter and the remaining to the other. Each member had 15 seconds to enact out their word, and then they switched. One person could not act out the other member’s word, so there was a disconnect. The third member had to guess the words within the specified time limit. The three words were basically one proper noun, one common noun and one verb which when framed together formed a sentence. The time only stopped after the entire sentence was told. The sentences given were like Michael Jackson flashing in a bathroom and such. It was highly entertaining to watch and the room was filled with laughter at the participants acting out these bizarre statements.

The next round was “Pictionary” where one member had to draw out the word on the board and the others had to guess. It mostly included famous monuments like Chichen Itza, Angkor Wat, Parthenon and such. Angkor Wat was guessed after a participant drew grapes or ‘angoor, in Hindi, on the board. However, the most entertaining one was Easter Island. The participant drew the Moai which they were unable to guess. So then to explain Easter, he drew both Easter eggs and bunnies. However, the final answer the team came up with was Dum-Dum, inspired by the Easter Island head in Night at the Museum. It was so hilarious that for the remainder of the event, the team was fondly called Team Dum Dum.

The next event was a ‘News Round’. There were fairly recent news headlines which were pictographically represented and the teams got marks for both interpreting the pictures and correctly writing down the headlines.  For example, Baahubali was represented as Baa from TV shows + Doctor Who. + a sheep baa’ing + bruce lee. Judging by the participants reactions when the answers were told, the round was extremely difficult.

The final round was a basic ‘Dumb Charades’, where two members had to guess as many movies as possible while one of them enacted it out. The participants got 10 points per every correct guess and a bonus 10 points for every 5 correct guesses.

The event was highly entertaining for both the participants and the audience. Everyone emerged from the hall in high spirits after this truly engaging competition.

First place-  Team 1: KMC,Mangalore
Second place- Team 4: KMC,Manipal
Third place-   Team 2: MIT, Manipal


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