Elocution | Invictus

College Life

by Adithi Shankar

Adolf Hitler had terrible ideologies that involved decimation of entire races and a conceited notion of racial supremacy. In spite of suggesting ultimate carnage, he had an enormous following, and this was mostly because of his unadulterated charisma as an orator. The final day of Vibes began with many such powerful words, in the Elocution competition which took place at 9am in the Interact lecture halls. The event was judged ably by Dr.Ryan D’Souza from Yenapoya Medical college and Dr.Haneil D’Souza from KMC Manipal. The participants were allowed 5 minutes to present any speech, prose, poetry or monologue, strictly in the English language, sans inappropriateness.

The first slot poignantly rendered ‘Daddy’s day’, speaking of a little girl who showed maturity far beyond her years when she came to terms with her father’s untimely demise. This was followed by a passionate revisitation of Subhash Chandra Bose’s speech ‘To Delhi, to Delhi’ by Sehaj Cheema. The next performance was of a poem heavily studded with reminiscence of childhood and the rushed lives that we live today.

Deeksha Grover tailed this with a macabre and offbeat poem about surviving medical school as a closeted cannibal, being inappropriately tantalized by dissection and not being able to explain herself to her friends. The sixth slot delivered a moving monologue on the significance of virtue and art in times of despair by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

No elocution is complete in the true sense without a Shakespearean touch, which was taken care of by the seventh slot with his powerful presentation of Mark Antony’s ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’ speech.

The icing on the cake was the final slot, who mesmerized the audience and judges alike with his brilliantly executed ‘Lochinvar’, a poem about the gallant knight Lochinvar and his lady Ellen.

The event was overall a success and saw some amazing performances that would stay with the audience for a long time.



1- Slot 8, KMC Mangalore
2-Slot 1, KMC Manipal
3- Slot 3, KMC Manipal



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