Face Painting | Invictus ’17

College Life

by Deeksha Grover

On the 4th day of Vibes, participants of various colleges came together to participate in the fun activity of face painting. There were 2 members in each team, the painter and the face and they had 45 minutes to paint the face on the topic of liberty and gender equality. At the end, they had to explain the theme to the judges, Dr. Sonali Pandit and Dr. Chandini.
The intricate and expressive designs that the painters were able to make were very impressive. Shraddha Murali a student of KMC painting the face of Ishani chose the topic liberty and tried to depict the fight of women for liberty through the ages.She said she wanted to display that women have been fighting for basic human rights like the ability to work like men, marry the person of their choice etc. for centuries.Ishani questioned the awful state of abortion rights and the unavailability of the right contraceptive measures for women.
Deepshikha, a first year student painted the face of her teammate depicting an angry male, dominating a sobbing female counterpart. She showed both sides burning in a common fire triggered by the violence between two sexes.
Another impressive art piece was created by a team from SDUMC on the theme of liberty highlighting issues like the captivity of fishermen in Sri Lanka, the plight of the farmers protesting to waive off their debts and the tension between Pakistan and China over the Kashmir and the unfairness in the judicial system despite all this ruckus going on.



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