Western Dance Group | Invictus 2017


by Ishani Mitra

Western group dance- the final event of the day. The air was heavy with anticipation as people crowded noisily around the stage, some on chairs, others sprawled on the grass. The rules were briefly explained- each team (having a minimum of 8 members and a maximum of 15) would be given 5 minutes on stage. Props and spillage of any kind were not allowed. Indian music was not allowed, but non-Indian fusion dance was accepted.

The first slot saw participants glide onto the stage dressed in white and black.  Their theme was ‘the evolution of dance.’ The performance showcased different styles of dance that became popular throughout the ages, with even a short cameo dedicated to twerking. Songs like Runaway baby, B***ch better have my money and Where are you now had the audience cheering throughout, but they unfortunately exceeded their time limit by 9 seconds.

The second slot had a jerky start owing to some technical issues, but they made up for it with synchronized steps and foot-tapping music. Special mention must be made of their opening segment, where the team members pretended to be band instruments. The following slot paid a tribute to Suicide Squad– the boys were dressed as the Joker and the girls as Harley Quinn.  The performers pulled off well-choreographed stunts even as they mouthed lines from the movie. The ending had a surprise appearance from Batman.

The fourth and final slot drew the loudest screams from the crowd- KMC’s Phoenix took the stage dressed in all black. Leaps, throws, stunts, fun music (Rockabye, Barbie girl, Juju on that beat)- the performance had it all. All in all, the night ended on a high note, and everyone left looking forward to the next day.

Eastern Vocals | Invictus 2017


by Vivek Mahapatra

The sweltering afternoon sun may have seemed provocatively harsh, but as it arced and edged toward the horizon, a sweet lullaby wafted it to pleasance. The Eastern Vocals open event of Invictus 2017 saw a wide timbre of participants, much to the delight of the rapt audience.

Each performance was capped off at twenty-five minutes, with groups ranging from six to twelve members harmonizing in duets and groups in addition to the entrancing solos. The judges, Dr Ullas from MMMC and Dr Abhishek from the Department of Anesthesiology, KMC Manipal, had the unenviable task of determining the most melodious performance of the day.

Game Quiz | Invictus 2017


by Aniket Naik

Video games are often considered to create a mindset that helps foster the growth of imagination and creativity. With a wide variety of video games and consoles in existence today, it should be no surprise that a Game quiz was conducted at Invictus 2017; to test the knowledge of these individuals and see if they truly are what they claim to be: Gamers.

The quiz was held at Interact, hosted by Sourabh Srinivas, Abhay Bazaz and Armaan Ahuja. The room was filled with the classic 8-bit arcade music which made the participants nostalgic. The black board was covered in drawings of the ghosts from Pac-man and consoles.

The quiz itself was very interactive and interesting. A preliminary round was held first to narrow down the best teams. The top 5 teams were selected out of the 10 teams present. The quiz then progressed to the finals where there were several rounds, including a long connect, worded to sound like a RPG quest; a pounce-and-bounce round as well as a special round of simply identifying iconic game themes which had been remixed into metal.

The quiz ended with a draw for 1st place followed by a very close second and third place.

Cartooning | Invictus 2017


  by Aarushi Goel

Cartoons are a great and eye-catching medium to effectively convey a powerful message being much quicker than solely the written word. A well-presented cartoon can leave a lasting impression on the observer’s mind. This skill was well-portrayed in the Cartooning event for the VIBES segment of INVICTUS 2017, held on the 26th of April in the Interact lecture halls at 11 am.

The topic for the event was ‘The Trump Administration’. The participants had to finish their sketch within one and a half hours, using only a black pen and freehand drawing. The use of pencils, stencils or any other support was not allowed.
The cartoons were highly skilled in both the sketching and content, showcasing the amount of thought and wit the cartoonists had put into it.

One sketch symbolized Trump’s speech as a fist which would KO the people of the United States of America. A few others were about Trump’s anti-immigration order, his ideas for the wall, Putin, his ideologies and a lot of his controversial statements, including the highly sexist ones. Another one was a humorous dig on Trump’s orange complexion.  A lot of the cartoons portrayed Trump as being highly disastrous for USA in particular, and the world in general.

The participants from KMC, Manipal were Shreya Utla, Arjun Nair, Aarthi Venkatramanan and Sonika Gupta.

Aarthi sketched about all the tragic events that occurred in the 21st century, including the bombing of the Twin Towers and Michael Jackson’s death, on top of which the world has to now deal with the presidency of Donald Trump. Regarding the topic, she said that while it was a slightly controversial one, she had tried to keep her sketch as politically correct as possible but was a bit worried about that aspect. However, it gave her immense satisfaction to portray her true feelings on Trump whose ideologies she dislikes and does not agree with.

Sonika hilariously compared Trump to a pumpkin and explained how both were similar- orange on the outside, hollow on the inside and should be thrown out by the end of November. She said that the topic was relevant, innovative and required a lot of thought before the actual sketching began. She said it was the kind of topic that could bring out the true potential of the candidate.

Arjun’s sketch showed the exit of Hitler in 1947 and the entry of Trump in 2017, with the backdrop being a wall having various posters with Mexican, cartel and drugs slashed out. In the centre, there was a new age Statue of Liberty with her fire burning the Constitutional Rights. He said that the topic was really good and relevant to the current political scenario and pretty satisfying to draw on.

Shreya drew a caricature of Trump and showcased all the bizarre things that he has said throughout the election and now during his term. Regarding the topic, she thought that is pretty cool and had a lot of scope for political commentary, equating it with her previous experiences in Cartooning events. Regarding her sketch, she had this to say, “I drew Trump because well, the topic was Trump.”
All in all, the sketches had interesting concepts behind them which were very skilfully portrayed and it was a treat to see the talent the participants had.

Mono – Act | Invictus 2017


by Deeksha Grover

An activity that brings the most adept of actors to their wit’s end, a Monoacting contest was conducted as part of the cultural half of Invictus in interact lecture hall. Participants were given 60 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to perform solo on a topic picked by random slots.

The event was kicked off by a terrific performance by Krishanu Mukhopadhay of 4th semester,KMC, Manipal on ‘Communal Riots’. He powerfully portrayed a love story of a tea seller tangled in between the Gujarat riots of 2002.He said that he aimed to display the disruption in the life of the simpletons caused by political disharmony.His stellar performance left the audience stunned.

The next performer from KMC was Manya from 2nd semester who performed on ‘Marital Rape’ showing the atrocities that are inflicted behind closed doors of a domestic household.
Ahmad Hussaini from 4th sem performed on the interesting topic of non culpable homicide where he left the judges awestruck by the his aptness in mimicking the accents of various countries while showing an engaging discussion of the UN security council.

1st Place- Slot 6: FMMC
2nd Place- Slot 3: MCODS Manipal
3rd Place- Slot 6: KMC Manipal

Debate Prelims | Invictus 2017

by Reetobaan Datta


A literary delight for the audience, the English debate left the audience spellbound and in awe. The agenda was ‘The House believes that criticism plays a major role in motivating individuals to achieve their goals’’. The speeches which were restricted to three minutes, was followed by a round of questioning by the judges, Dr. Haniel D’Souza of the Forensic Department and Professor M. Sudhamshu from the Humanities department . 

Speakers talked about how constructive criticism is important in helping an individual grow and improve upon himself.

 Side government, in addition, spoke at length of the contributions made by major personalities as a result of the criticism they received. Contradicting these points, side opposition talked of how criticism was detrimental to the very essence of performance and how it is majorly problematic for those who may lack confidence. In the end, four out of the six teams qualified for the Finals.

Slots qualified: 3,4,5 and 6.
Note: Debate finals was not conducted due to unavailability of 2 of the teams who made it to the finals.

photos by Sanket Mohanty

Western Solo Dance | Invictus 2017


by Vidyottama Rawat

On the evening of 26th April, as a cool breeze took over the Greens, the surrounding energy level shot up to the skies with the beginning of Western Dance Solo. Such were the performances that the audience could be seen swooning and even the passers-by were enraptured. The performers flaunted their dancing expertise by pulling off extremely complex moves like cartwheels and moon walks, to name a few.

Rachna Kotian, who was representing KMC, Manipal showed the journey of a woman from a kitten to a lioness, roaring loud and proud through her powerful dance. Tanmay Agrawal, also representing KMC got into the character of a person with Multiple Personality Disorder and showcased it beautifully through his dance.

Closing Ceremony | Utsav 2017


by Adithi Shankar
Utsav Day 4


One would think that glamour had reached it’s pinnacle with the Fashion show. But the proud owner of 5 Michelin stars, Vikas Khanna, strutted in, with all his celebrated grandeur, and proved to be the biggest of all the stars. And such began the culmination of the extravaganza that was Utsav 2017.

Following performances by the winners of the major events of the fest, the Valedictory function commenced. Dr. Shobha U Kamath, the chairperson of the Cultural coordination committee welcomed the esteemed dignitaries. Following this, the Chief guest, chef Vikas Khanna, addressed the gathering, fondly referring to Udupi as his second home. Vasanthi R Pai, the First lady of MU and the guest of honor for the evening, presented Vikas Khanna with Mahotsav, the yearbook of the CCC. This was followed by the much anticipated announcement of the holiday on the 8th of April for all of MU by Pro chancellor HS Ballal. The vote of thanks was delivered by Sambit Das, the secretary of the CCC.

Tailing the valedictory function was the announcement of the championship trophies. KMC Mangalore clinched the winner’s trophy, with MCODS Manipal and MIT emerging first runners up, and MCODS Mangalore, the second runners up. Thus concluded the fantastic celebration of the arts, the Utsav in every sense of the word.

First Prize: KMC, Mangalore
Second Prize: MCODS, Manipal and MIT
Third Prize: MCODS, Mangalore

Fashion Show | Utsav 2017


by Ishani Mitra
Utsav Day 4

The Utsav fashion show- arguably the most awaited event of this performance-packed week. From flashing lights to booming music, sky-high heels to elaborate make-up, painted abs to trailing gowns- the evening saw it all. The crowd turnout was remarkable, with all seats being occupied well before the show started. As soon as the lights dimmed and smoke flooded the stage, a deafening cheer was let out. It was finally time.

The rules of the event were carefully explained beforehand- each institute was allowed to send only one team with a maximum of 15 members. There could only be one narrator per team, any number of costume changes and segments, but props or spillage of any kind was not allowed.

From the very first moment, the participants had the crowd glued to their seats, with well-practiced well-coordinated walks and stunning costumes. The first slot had ‘Cultures across the world’ as their theme and students displayed Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and Indian wear in tune with foot-tapping music. Another team depicted various forms of art, and had costumes decked with calligraphic letters, mosaic tiles and graffiti. Yet another performance decided to glorify the villains in books and movies with the theme ‘Bad is the new black’. The contestants stormed the stage dressed as well-known bad guys- Joker and Harley Quinn, Voldemort, and the evil queen from Snow White to name a few.

Special mention must be made of KMC Manipal’s performance.  They adopted the theme ‘Mythical tales from history’. Medusa, the Mummy, the Phoenix and the Minotaur showed off their fierce catwalks in beautifully designed costumes.

All in all, the night ended on a good note, leaving everyone in high spirits and eager to know the results of the competition.


First Place: MCODS, Manipal
Second Place: FOA
Third Place: KMC, Mangalore



by Vivek Mahapatra


There is a story, in most every culture, which could be paraphrased to one similar to the following one.

There are two wolves that live within us, one of the disposition of light, and the other of the grave. Both circle each other, and snap at heels, locked in their eternal struggle. ‘Which grows stronger?’ The novice initiate in the story asks. ‘The one you feed,’ answers the wise elder.

But what do you do when the wrong wolf rears up its legs and tears scraps from the right one? When a small event gives it the strength to force the other spirit into cowering? When thoughts grow darker with no sign of the sun in sight?

What if another wolf were there to help? The pack is always stronger than the lone wolf of despair, no matter how monomaniacal his rise may have been. In isolation, lies the path to the wrong wolf.

With that in mind, the Community Medicine Department of KMC, Manipal, in association with the Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, hosted a quiz on the occasion of World Health Day on the 7th of April 2017 espousing the theme of Depression: Let’s Talk.

An elimination round was conducted on 5th April, to pare down the multitude of teams that participated. It consisted of thirty multiple choice questions regarding major health issues the plague the world, with a specific attention on depression.

Four teams made it through to the finals from this round, those of Niranjan Karthik Senthil Kumar and Abhey Shamsundar, Gokul Krishnan V S and Preetham E, Anwaya Dilip and Sahil Sahay, Deeksha D D and Ashwini J Shettigar.

The finals, conducted on the 7th, consisted of six diverse rounds. The first three rounds were hosted by Dr Sneha Mallya, with Dr Kirtinath Ballal taking over as quizmaster for the next three.

The quiz was focused on the psyche, not merely in the form of the questions that were asked, but also in the manner in which they were. After a few rounds of testing their wits such as Zingers and Deja Vu, the teams had an opportunity to change the scoreboard with a high stakes round, nicknamed Suicide Links.

The questions were not simply esoteric trivia pulled from the depths of books, but also involved timely knowledge, such as that of the depiction of such disorders in the mainstream culture.

The competition was fierce and the rounds swivelled the scores in varying directions, with the last Rapid Fire round keeping both the teams and the audience on the precipice of their toes. In the end, the team of Niranjan Karthik Senthil Kumar and Abhey Shamsundar became the well-deserved winners.

The dignitaries that graced the closing moments of the quiz were, Dr Avinash Shetty, Professor and Head-of-Department of Community Medicine, the chief guest Dr Poornima Baliga B, Pro-Chancellor of Manipal University Health Sciences, and the guest of honour, Dr Suma Nair, Director of Student Affairs.

They illustrated the rising problem of depression the world across, and simultaneously urged the students to make use of the facilities created and provided for their benefit against this terrible issue.

The proceedings ended on a hopeful note, that in the future it may become easier to overcome the stigma that exists against these grave issues by the efforts that are put in place today.