by Aishwarya Sharma


On a Sunday afternoon
Calm and divine,
Sat under a tree, son and mother,
Reading stories of immortal time.

The breeze was soothing,
And so were the tales,
Between the “hms” and “ohs”,
Were heard rustling of leaves.

At the end of the story session,
The child had a curious face,
“Oh! Mother, what is courage?”
Asked the son with an expectant gaze.

“Tell me first son,
What is your impression?
About this word courage,
Who should have its worthy possession?”

“Mother it’s simple,
Since time immemorial,
Courage is a quality of
The great men of our times.

Kings who won battles with strength,
Or those who built castles magnificent.
Batman’s adventures in the dark,
Brave deeds by Superman-Clark.

I wish to be courageous like these,
Journey through unknown lands,
Fly space crafts,
Climb mountain peaks.”

“Ah!” said the mother,
Completely absorbed in her son’s words,
Understanding a child’s mind,
Romanticizing the world’s works.

“Nice are the things you said
Huge and glorious in sight,
Full of courage as you may seem
But are full of mere might.”

“But mother”, interrupted the child,
“Why do you differ with me?
I thought you will always like what I say,
Can’t understand your current dismay.”

“Child, o’ child”, his mother replied,
“There are things you should learn with time.
The word courage may seem huge,
But in it lies some deep truth.

Courage is that inner strength,
Understanding one’s own soul.
Believing I one’s self and dreams,
You must learn its meaning in the whole.

A mother’s courage while bearing down in labor,
Or the courage to express emotions to your beloved.
To speak the truth when it’s tough to say,
Or to accept things in the darkest hour.

To stand up for one’s own or another’s right,
Against those imposing cruel might.
To defy the usual and commonplace,
And keep walking on the tough path at your pace.

To change for a betterment,
Courage to look inside.
To stand by the one looked down upon by all,
Mocked at and marginalized.

Courage needs motivation,
Courage needs support.
No task in this world,
Is fulfilled without dedication.

These things aren’t really extraordinary in occurrence,
But require such a spirit for their execution.

The ones given an opportunity to do so
Are really lucky, I admit,
Because god bestows such tasks
On those trustworthy and fit.

Of all the courageous tasks so far,
The one I wish to emphasize:

Dear son, be courageous enough to be kind.
Keep this close to heart and always remember in mind.”