The Symptomatic Analysis

Creative Writing

by Adithi Shankar

depression (2)

I’m not going to lie; I thought it was a mere phase in the initial stages, something that I could snap out of if I just willed myself more ardently. I liked being alone, or rather, preferred being alone. Talking to people was a gargantuan task, some kind of effort I felt I did not want to make, and if I was being served with the option of choosing to avoid interaction, then I might as well hold on tight to that. Everyone thought nothing changed, that I was just off color; that I was just, what everyone refers to flippantly these days, ‘PMS-ing’.

Maybe I wanted to believe that as well. It was most definitely more comfortable a cushion to fall onto than to admit to the brutal reality of things. But in my heart of hearts I knew, I knew that I was speeding past the checkpoints, I was plunging headfirst into unchartered waters with absolutely no control over anything, I was on the highway to nowhere, absent mindedly moving my limbs, a soul disconnected from all yokes that bound her to a material existence.

Fedal: the Rivalry that Redefined Tennis


by Sanket Mohanty


Nadal and Federer are two champions who epitomize art in sport.

In March 2004, an unheralded 17 year old by the name of Rafael Nadal Parera surprised many by defeating the then world number one, Roger Federer, in straight sets at the third round of Miami Masters. Few would have suspected on that windy day in Miami, that these two gentlemen would get embroiled in a storied rivalry that would captivate millions of people around the world.

The Story of My Thoughts on Stars

Creative Writing

By Sumedha Sircar

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”

Bill Waterson


In the summer of 10, I made a fantastic discovery.

The sweltering heat that summer burst tires, melted admittedly shoddily built roads, and generally belied all notions one had of Bangalores normally placid weather. The rebellion of the weather mirrored my own. For I was a new teenager – one with with two whole months of free time. And I was trying to discover myself. Find out who I was. What it all meant – and how I figured in it all.